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How can I ensure that my internet site remains constantly accessible without being affected by traffic «peaks»?

Alpha is a large travel agency which offers its clients the possibility of booking their tickets online. Their internet site is extremely well-used - with tens of thousands of visitors each day - and brings in more than a quarter of their sales! As far as Alpha is concerned it is absolutely vital to provide their clients with a quality connection 24 hours a day, even when a promotional campaign causes very high traffic peaks.

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Online sales

What can Perceval offer?

Perceval offers a robust, high performance solution based on the principle of a «virtual server»: an advanced IT system that distributes the work load between several small independent servers in such a way as to optimize the reaction speed of the site. In the case that the server crashes, or that there is a traffic peak, the system automatically redirects the traffic to the other servers. It is also very easy to add one or more servers, in order to cope with the highest traffic peaks.