High performance clustering

How is it possible to have a network that is sufficiently reliable to handle large data volumes and to process complex calculations?

Phi Epsilon is a large molecular biology laboratory with three different sites. The research being carried out means that extremely large data volumes have to be stored and requires access to a computing centre. The laboratory needs a reliable, secure and high-performance network that is able to handle this considerable volume of data, that can create a sufficient computing capacity and that can offer a backup solution that is totally reliable.

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What can Perceval offer?

Perceval offers a state-of-the-art hosting solution using «clustering». The data is stored and replicated throughout a «cluster», a set of high-performance servers that are geographically separate and connected by high speed links. The flexible nature of this architecture means that it is both possible to optimize the data exchange speed and to connect all of the computers from the three sites together, in order to have computing capacity equivalent to that of a supercomputer. The system remains completely operational in the case of a server crash or a connection failure, and the addition of new servers to the «cluster» means that the capacity can be increased rapidly when the need arises.